Instructions for objects from the Zunftie shop

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Instructions for objects from the Zunftie shop

Beitrag von Thomas » 17. Jun 2019, 19:20

For a better understanding of how to use the shop elements, here is a small guide for each item and building:

Parish hall
The parish hall can be built without building costs via the building menu. By clicking on the building you will get a complete overview of your city with all buildings, the current productions and the current state of the building.

City hall key
You get the key by solving a quest in the Rahtaus. With a city hall key you can unlock the blocked construction fields in the south of your map. If you have a key, click on one of the blocked fields and unlock it in the following menu. The key can only be used once and is not available in the shop!

Simple city fountain
These buildings embellish the normal well. It gives water just like the normal well and does not cost any resources or construction time.

For the simple city well, you must already have a normal well! To upgrade from a normal well to a city well, use the production menu at the bottom right.
With a click on the respective button, the well is immediately converted into a city well!

The lighthouse is only available for anniversaries and beyond for one month! If you own a lighthouse, it must be built over the building menu like any other building. Lighthouses can only be built on the southern shore!

Cuttings are items that can always be activated there, with which they are connected. Since you can cultivate a forest with cuttings, you can use the cuttings on an open meadow.
Click on a meadow and in the lower right menu you will find the activation button. If you click on it, you will immediately be able to use the forest at the place you have chosen!

Geologists and geological team
Geologists are like cuttings items and are also activated on the meadow!
Click on a meadow and in the lower right menu you will find the activation button. If you click on it, you will immediately have the ore or the selected stone deposit at your disposal!

Like all fields and plantations, the fruit plantation is built on a farm. As soon as you call an orchard your own, you can select and build it from the farm menu like other orchards (not in winter).

The pond serves as an ornamental object and/or as an alternative to the fountain. Water can also be fetched in the dike!
At the pond you can build the fisherman, who supplies your city with food. Even if you build a fisherman, you can still fetch water from the fisherman at the pond.

Large market place
The big market place is a building object, which can be built, if you have it in your inventory, over the building menu like any other building. The large market place also needs the same conditions as the normal market place (400 inhabitants, chapel....).
If you have built the big market place, you can, but don't have to, leave the normal market place.

Reserve warehouse
The reserve camp is particularly suitable for new players who find it difficult to make do with their available storage space due to the small camps. With the reserve storage you have 25 storage rooms available for raw materials and goods instead of only 10. When you purchase, you can build the reserve storage normally via the building menu. It needs 3 wood like the small camp to build. In contrast to the normal camps, one has a half construction time with the reserve camp.

City camp
The city camp is suitable for advanced players to store large amounts of resources and goods. With the city camp you have the possibility to store 120 units. This is an enormous difference to the large camps with only 80 units. If you buy, you can build the city camp normally via the construction menu. It needs as many building materials as the big camp. In contrast to the normal camps, the city camp has a half construction time. Another important aspect is that city camps very rarely catch fire, as this is not actually a building.

Half-timbered house
The half-timbered house can be built from 800 inhabitants. It is important to have a chapel and an inn. The half-timbered house provides 300 beds and is therefore the largest buildable house in the game. Important to mention, the half-timbered house has the construction costs of the town house, as well as a chapel and the inn is needed. The half-timbered house has halved construction times opposite the townhouse. - Aufbau Strategie Browsergame im Mittelalter - Kurznachrichtendienst rund ums Gaming
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