All beginnings are difficult - Beginner Tutorial

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All beginnings are difficult - Beginner Tutorial

Beitrag von Thomas » 6. Jun 2019, 01:08

Hello and welcome to "Die-Zunftmeister"!
This little guide should make the start into the game a bit easier for you ;)

If you start with your country, you already own a middle stock and the following goods:
6 food, 9 tools, 6 wood and 9 boards.
First you should build a lumberjack who needs it:
3 wood, 3 tools and 6 boards which will be automatically taken out of your warehouse when you build. Building time for this is 5 minutes. You can only place a lumberjack on existing forests. Find a forest that has as much "content" as possible and order the lumberjack.
Tip: You should always leave 1-2 logs at a lumberjack to continue collecting mushrooms and producing firewood. If the tree population is at 0, the lumberjack won't find any more trees and you can only tear it down and build it on a new forest.

While the lumberjack is being built, I'll explain the user interface here in the game.
On the top left you can see your stock, if you move the mouse over it, it opens as a pop-up.
At the bottom left you have an information window, here you can see the seasons.
Additionally you can see at the beginning your tasks from the tutorial and then hints e.g. if goods (food, wood and tools) are not enough and you should produce them again.
You will also always see your current population in this window. White males are the inhabitants you currently have, the numbers in brackets are the inhabitants who will settle in your country after your move is complete. Next to it you can see the number of beds available.
The green male will later show you how many of your inhabitants are ill and need to be cured.
Tip: You can move your map by holding down the left mouse button or you can use the key combination Ctrl + and Ctrl - to zoom in on your country.

At the bottom in the middle you will find the "working window" on the far left of the hammer - this is the building menu, next to it a bomb (only visible from 400 inhabitants), with which you can demolish buildings and other objects.
Next to it in the box you will find your inventory (objects from the guild shop or content gained through quests), the blue arrows next to it can only be used if you have supported the game. You can use them to move your objects (except forests and lumberjacks, mountains and mines) to other places on the island. Then you will see the guild shop where you can buy special objects and items. The door will take you to the exit of the game (log out).

The chat window is located in the upper right corner, by clicking on the top line you can minimize or reopen the chat window. You can change your password, reset your island or delete your account with the gearwheel. On the crescent moon you can set the chat to night mode and switch to English chat on the US flag.
In the open chat window you will find the following button below:
On the far left you can see an envelope for personal messages. The golden star will take you to the current ranking.
Supporting the game brings you some small advantages in the game, click on it and see if it might be something for you. The following two buttons are for voting on pweet and GamesSphere, here we would be happy to get your votes every day for our game. The green button leads you directly to the forum. The blue W to the Wikipedia of the game.

Now your first lumberjack should be ready and we can start slowly.

Next thing you know, you should be building a pioneer cabin.
It needs 3 wood, 3 tools and 3 boards. After that your supplies of wood and boards are used up.
At the bottom left of the info window of your island you will see, as soon as the pioneer hut is finished, that you now have 90 inhabitants and 100 beds. Each building or field you build on your island will have 30 inhabitants.
Now that a lot has been consumed, it's time to produce wood and food. For each wood cut 1 tool and 2 food are used.
You can produce food as long as there are tree trunks left. Producing food through the lumberjack doesn't consume any resources! Since there isn't so much food in the camp anymore, I suggest to pick 2 mushrooms alternately and once logging until then your first pioneer hut is finished.
But always pay attention to your stock, not that you suddenly can't store anything more in the camp.

The task now is to have at least 6 woods in the camp!
Since you already felled wood while the pioneer hut was being built, you should increase your stock to 6 wood and then have no tools left. But don't worry, with the next step you will get one last time from the "Tutorial" needed goods booked into the warehouse.

Your stock has been replenished!
There are now: 12 tools, 6 wood (produced by yourself), 6 stones and 6 boards.

Now we will build a carpenter.
The building needs: 6 wood, 6 stones, 6 tools and 6 boards.
While the carpenter is being built (your first carpenter will need 25 minutes instead of one hour) you can pick wood and mushrooms alternately.
If you take a look to the bottom left, you will see that there are currently 90 inhabitants with 100 beds. As soon as the carpenter is finished, there will be another 30 inhabitants. Up to 400 inhabitants are always added, no matter what you build, 30 inhabitants.
If the carpenter is finished, you will see 20 red beds in the lower left corner, which means that there are now 20 homeless inhabitants.
A remedy is to build another pioneer hut. See which materials a pioneer hut needs and produce them.

Now that the carpenter is finished, the tutorial is over and your economy is starting to get going!

You have now built the 2nd pioneer hut so that all your inhabitants have a roof over their heads.
From 120 inhabitants on there are now new objects to build unlocked. You can now build small camps, stone and ore mines and the smithy.
In the smithy you can make better tools. However, the blacksmith needs some stones to build and the manufacturing of the tools in the blacksmith's shop needs ore or iron again, so just like before at the pioneer's hut check what you need for these two mines and then produce these goods with a little surplus. So that your camps don't get too full, you can also build the stone mine one after the other and then collect material again and build the ore mine. To be able to process the ore into iron, you also need firewood which you can collect from the lumberjack. If you think that you are running out of space, you can now set up another small camp.
Here's a tip: Set up your camps under the chat window, because they are the least disturbing when playing.

Since you now know that each object has 30 inhabitants, this also means that if you build both the camp and the two mines +90 inhabitants will come to your island. Not to forget the pioneer hut, which also has 30 inhabitants, so the total is 120 new inhabitants. So you still need a pioneer hut.
Let's summarize:
Middle camp 30
Lumberjack 30
1. pioneer cabin 30
Joinery 30
2nd pioneer cabin 30
Stone mine 30
Ore mine 30
So far you have 210 inhabitants but only beds for 200 inhabitants. So a pioneer hut has to be built again.
If you have the 3rd pioneer hut, you have 240 inhabitants and 300 sleeping places, if you have also built the small camp, you have 270 inhabitants.

One more note about the sleeping places: If you don't have enough sleeping places for your inhabitants, you can't build any new objects except houses and lumberjacks!

You should therefore always keep an eye on your inventory. If possible, produce wood, tools, boards and food alternately, which is what happens throughout the game.
You get relatively early the possibility to build a fisherman. The fisherman produces with 2 firewood 10 smoked fishes (food) in 2 hours, is therefore a good alternative to mushroom picking.

Another important tip: Always before you build a new object, make sure that both food, tools and wood at least 1 better 2 remain in the camp after construction.

IMPORTANT! Water, gold bars and coins do not need a storage place!

Have fun! - Aufbau Strategie Browsergame im Mittelalter - Kurznachrichtendienst rund ums Gaming
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